Saturday, May 25, 2013

{last day of school}

The girls' last day of school was this past Wednesday.  Their class celebrated with a picnic at Beech Acres Park.  It was so fun to watch them run around the park with all of their friends and amazing to think about how much they have grown and learned over the past 9 months.

Kenzie & Lexi adore their teachers, Mrs. Berry and Mrs. Putman, and as they thanked them and hugged them I couldn't help but think of their first day of preschool back in September when they screamed for an hour after we dropped them off and Kenzie tried to bite Mrs. Berry.  I can't thank them enough for the patience, love and support that they have given Lexi and Kenzie this school year.  Thanks to them my girls have become more confident and social little girls.  I also feel so lucky that the girls had such a great group of kids in their class.  They have built some wonderful friendships and I hope that many of them will continue on together in the same 4 day class next year.

Mrs. Berry & Mrs. Putman made the most wonderful book for each child in their class. It included artwork and photgraphs from throughout the year, as well as a Preschool Interview ... Kenzie & Lexi's responses shown below.

I will treasure this book and so many wonderful memories from this first year of preschool!

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